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When properly applied, technology can be a powerful driver of profitable business. But technology for the sake of technology can be a distraction and even a money pit. Through decades of experience running profitable businesses and implementing succesful technology projects, we know the difference between a rabbit hole and a business goal.

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"At Bierman Technologies, we believe in the pragmatic application of technology to drive business growth and sustain profitability."

-- Tony Bierman,
Principal Consultant

We Consistently Deliver On Time

We take a tremendous amount of pride in delivering your project on time. We are able to consistently deliver on time because we stand behind decades of experience with both focus and discipline.

We Come In Under Budget

Preparation is the primary key to keeping your technology project within budget. A disciplined, well-managed effort anticipates problems and maintains the flexibility to overcome the inevitable challenges.

We Meet Your Expectations

The first step to meeting your expectation is to define success. We start by asking the right questions up front. We proceed with transparency. And we finish strong with user testing and a studious review of deliverables.